About us

CCT is a market leader in automated marketing for social media and search. CCT has developed a proprietary technology for automation of marketing.

CCT’s technology enables and exploits the full potential of intelligent and highly targeted marketing in social media and search engines.

Executive team

Christian Overaa

Christian Overaa

CEO / Co-Founder

Christian has extensive experience in sales and advertising. He has more than 10 years of experience as the CEO of a leading advertising agency. He has previously built up and managed several sales organizations with impressive results. Christian is co-founder and a shareholder in the company.

E-mail: co@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +47 56 90 11 20

Jørgen Simmenes

Jørgen Simmenes

Executive Chairman / Co-Founder

Jørgen has founded and built up several business ventures within different industries with great success. He has a Master’s in Civil Engineering and is co-founder and a shareholder in the company.

E-mail: js@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +47 56 90 11 20

Ronny Kvalvågnes

Ronny Kvalvågnes

Chief Technology Officer

Ronny has substantial experience in technology development in combination with marketing. He has a Master’s in IT and a Bachelor degree in Marketing.

E-mail: rk@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +47 56 90 11 20

Orlagh Moore

Orlagh Moore

Chief Operations Officer

Orlagh has extensive experience in operations in the software and financial services industries.  She has previously built teams to support a variety of business operations and launch new products and services.  Orlagh has a Masters in Business Administration.

E-mail: om@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +353 (87) 9562756

Sean Cunningham

Sean Cunningham

Chief Financial Officer

Sean has over 15 years experience working in senior finance roles with a number of Irish and US based multi-nationals. Previously, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen after having graduated from Queens University, Belfast with a Masters in Accounting.

E-mail: sc@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +353 (87) 1274485

Ricky Cosgrove

Ricky Cosgrove

Chief Commercial Officer

Ricky has extensive experience in commercial strategy and sales operations roles. He has worked in the financial services and technology industries with a number of Irish and US based multi-nationals. Ricky has a Masters in Management Information Systems.

E-mail: rc@ct-marketing.com
Phone: +353 (86) 8330006

Gordon McRury

Gordon McRury

Country Manager UK

Gordon has extensive experience in sales and marketing. He has worked as a consultant with clients across a host of industries including technology, software, utilities and real estate – helping them develop their marketing, people and technology strategies. He graduated with a BA in International Marketing from the University of West of Scotland.

E-mail: gm@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7528 553 912

Stefan Lundström

Stefan Lundström

Country Manager Sweden

Stefan has more than 20 years experience from the Nordic communication industry as account director at media agencies, CEO StoreCom, and marketing director within the Bonnier Group, and lately been responsible for the physical and digital Direct Marketing channels at PostNord. He graduated as B. Sc. in economy at Stockholm University.

E-mail: sl@cct-marketing.com 

Phone: +46 70 767 68 71

Laura Nanninga

Laura Nanninga

CEO of CCT Marketing BV (Netherlands)

Laura has worked in the banking industry in over 13 years, holding several different positions in both the Netherlands and abroad. She has a Master’s in Communication and Information Sciences.

Email : ln@cct-marketing.com
Mobile :  +31 (0)6 23 72 98 48

Erik Tønjum

Erik Tønjum

Regional Managing Director for the Netherlands and Belgium

Erik has for the last 20 years been CEO for several companies and has recently relocated to the Netherlands. He has a master’s in Economy and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Email : et@cct-marketing.com
Mobile :  +47 91555447

Knut Eikrem

Knut Eikrem


Knut has over 15 years experience working internationally across a range of industries including telecom, entertainment, media and ad tech both as an Executive and investor. He holds a MSc in International Business from University of Groningen. He is a shareholder in the company.

E-mail: ke@cct-marketing.com
Phone: +44 7789813687

Peeter Brehhov

Peeter Brehhov

Head of Development

Peeter has substantial experience as a senior developer and manager of development projects. He graduated from the School of Informatics and Computer Technology in Estonia, specializing in systems programming.

E-mail: pb@cct-marketing.com


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